Easy-care round cast iron casseroles

The CERAMALJ casseroles by Swedish brand RONNEBY BRUK are extraordinary cookware in every respect: an attractive coloured enamel has been applied to the outside of the robust cast iron. Inside, a black ceramic coating reduces sticking of food and also makes the CERAMALJ casseroles very easy to clean. Seasoning of the casserole is not needed 

Ronneby Bruk CERAMALJ ® Lightweight cast iron enameled pans and pots have a durable ceramic coating. The products are made of exactly the same raw material as traditionally sand-cast cookware. Thanks to our new casting technique, is it possible to produce this cast iron cookware with much thinner walls and thus with much reduced weight. After casting and surface grinding, the pans are coated with a layer of enamel. In a second process, a colored enamel is applied to the outside of the pan. This new coating is totally free from PTFE, with no risk for hazardous substances like PFOA, PFOS or PFAS.



When using an induction hob, it is important not to use the “booster” effect. This will lead to a too rapid heating and may also cause the enamel to crack.  NEVER CLEAN CAST IRON IN A DISHWASHER!


The Ceramalj range comes with a 5 year warranty. The warranty is not valid for damages caused by overheating.

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"What a wonderful pan, I use Ultra Light Original almost every day, a real top product, thanks"


"I tested the Ronneby Bruk Ultra Light Original pan and … you've won me! I had never thought I would be so impressed. I'm going to save up fore the whole collection :-)

MARIE-CLAIRE VAN DEN BERG, Journalist and Columnist in De TELEGRAAF

I have tested the thin lightweight cast iron wok: really super, fast to achieve the right temperature, good spreading of the heat, virtually not sticking and easy to clean!!!

FREDERIK KAMPHUIS, "The Toolman". The No 1 cookware expert in NL.

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