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About Pre-Seasoning Cast-Iron

MAESTRO by Ronneby Bruk - The pre-seasoned cast iron pan! 

The award-winning Maestro cast iron pans by Swedish company Ronneby Bruk are ideally suited for all cooks who are looking for a durable fry pan without any artificial coating.

Already pre-seasoned, you can start right away

While conventional cast iron pans usually need to be seasoned before first use, Maestro cast iron fry pans come ready-to-use.   All Ronneby Bruk cast iron products are pre-seasoned in the factory with organic vegetable oil, thus ensuring great results right from the start. Over time,  your durable Maestro fry pan will get even better.

Ideal for Induction

MAESTRO fry pans are ideal for induction cook tops as well as all kinds of conventional stoves. MAESTRO fry pans are great for serving food thanks to their outstanding heat storage capacities.

  • A top quality product by Ronneby Bruk, design by Sigurd Persson.
  • Durable cast iron fry pan, pre-seasoned.
  • Excellent frying results and great heat storage capacity.
  • Ideal for searing and grilling meat.
  • Heavy, non-warping, machined flat base.
  • For all cook tops, including induction.