By Kyle Harrison

Maestro Copper Induction


MAESTRO INDUCTION COPPER. Care & Use. The products in the copper range are made with a “3-ply” construction. It means in simple words, that 3 vessels are fused under pressure into one. The outside is a copper layer, sandwiching an aluminum layer between the stainless steel inside. The pan is beautiful, with fast, even and excellent heat distribution.

The stainless steel inside provides an easy to maintain modern surface. Handles and grips are made of cast stainless steel, and will remain comfortable and cool when in use. During very long cooking times on the stove, or when used in the oven, the handles might get hot, so we always recommend caution in order to avoid burning the hands. If the copper outside gets stained, or discolored, use a regular copper polish to clean and recover the beautiful copper surface. Use a soft cloth to apply the copper detergent. Rub until the stains are removed, and follow up with polishing the surface with a clean cloth. The pans can be washed in dishwasher, BUT some dishwasher detergents may cause discoloring of the copper surface. Be certain to wipe it dry to avoid water stains on the surface.

If your product is equipped with a glass lid, it is oven safe to a temperature of 500ºF.  The Glass Lid is not fire proof, and may under no circumstances be placed on a hot stove's burner. If it accidentally is placed on a hot stove, there is a high risk of breakage and injury.

The lid can be washed in a dishwasher. The pans have a magnetic bottom. This makes it ideal for use on induction stove tops. Just be a bit cautious with the use of the ”booster” or ”turbo” heating on the induction stove. The risk is that the pan will be heated too fast. Too fast or high heating may cause the copper surface to look pale, or even whitish. If that happens, the surface can be restored by polishing with copper polish. Damage to the pan, due to overheating voids all warranty.

Finally we hope you will be yet another satisfied owner and user of a copper pan from Ronneby Bruk. If you have any more questions regarding our products, you are always welcome to contact us. Please visit our web site, to find more information about our cookware in various materials and designs. We  thank you for choosing one of our products, and wish you many happy cooking experiences with your new cookware.