By Kyle Harrison

Ultralight Original


Most cooks agree on the fact that the best food is made with cast iron cookware. Cast iron gives the best looking and most delicious cooking result.

After centuries of use in kitchens, there is only one thing that can be said against cast iron pans, and it is that they can be heavy. After having tried for years to find a method of making less heavy cast iron cookware, we now proudly present ULTRA LIGHT ORIGINAL.

Ultra Light Original pots and pans have all the best qualities of traditional cast iron for obtaining great results. The only thing we can’t provide are the chef skills, that’s something you have to add yourself.

Ultra Light Original products can be used on all kinds of stoves, from the old wood-stove to the modern induction hob

The silicone coated handles can be used in the oven up to 450 Fahrenheit.

With this new range of cast iron cookware, we are for the first time able to provide genuine cast iron pots and pans that are so light weight that anyone is able to use them.

The pans are manufactured in the same material as traditional, heavier, sand cast pans. The reason for them being so light weight is a new proprietary casting technique. We are now able to make them much thinner, without losing the great frying properties of traditional cast iron.

If you use an induction hob, our strong recommendation is not to use the “booster effect”.  This setting will give an extremely high temperature very fast, and it may cause the bottom to become slightly convex. The only good reason for using the booster effect is when heating up water.

The raw material in Ultra Light Original is exactly the same as for our traditional cast iron. The difference is that with the new technique,  the pans are less porous. This explains why the pans responds much quicker to changes in the stove’s power effect, and why they heat up and cool down faster than traditional cast iron cookware. Our recommendation for cleaning after regular use is to only use warm water and a brush immediately after cooking and dry it with a paper towel.

Never leave a cast iron pan standing with water in it, since it means a high risk of rust. NEVER CLEAN CAST IRON PANS IN DISHWASHER! The pots and pans are made to cook in, not to store food in. If you store food in a cast iron pan, there is risk of rust.


The Ultra Light Original pans have a noticeable pattern on the surface. We call this “whirl grinding”, and the pattern helps to distribute heat more evenly in the surface of the pan. The handles on the Ultra Light Original products are fastened with sturdy rivets. They are equipped with an insulation of silicone, which provides a comfortable and safe grip. (This doesn't apply when the pan has been used in the oven. The silicone coatings can be used in the oven up to a temperature of  to 425ºF). The Ultra Light Original pots and pans works well on induction hobs.