By Kyle Harrison

Why Cast Iron?


The award-winning MAESTRO cast iron pans by Swedish company RONNEBY BRUK are ideally suited for all cooks who are looking for a durable fry pan without any artificial coatings. The extra thick, non-warping and finely machined base works great on all stoves, including induction cooktops.

Thanks to the outstanding heat storage capacities of cast iron, searing is an absolute cinch.

And because your new MAESTRO fry pan has already been pre-seasoned in the factory, you can start frying right away.


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Why Cast Iron?  Cast iron is a very good heat conveyor. We pre-season all of our products. Your Ronneby Bruk product will only get better and better as it is used more in the kitchen.

Cleaning is best done with warm water only, and a good brush. It’s easier to clean the pan if it’s done immediately after cooking, while the pan is still hot. Dishwasher is never to be used on cast iron, since it will ruin the seasoning of the surface and the pan will easily get rusty. If you have to use any detergent, you have to dry the surface well and then treat it with some cooking oil. Cast iron pans with stainless steel handles and casseroles can be used in the oven. 

A cast iron product will, when cared for in the right way, last practically forever. It’s not unusual that it passes from generation to generation. Our products can be used on any kind of stove or heat source, including the modern induction stove.

The machined bottom guarantees ultimate contact between the pan and the stove, which gives an even heat and optimal frying result. Frying in cast iron also enriches the food with extra iron.

Should rust or other stains occur, rub the surface with some cooking oil. The fat will “lift” the oxide, and it can be wiped off the next day. 

When you have used your cast iron pan frequently over a period of time, it will get a natural "non-stick" surface.

To re-season your Ronneby Bruk cast iron product, rub vegetable oil on the cooking surface and put the pan in your oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 2-3 hours. After you’ve wiped off the pan (be careful if it’s still hot), your Ronneby Bruk pan will be ready for peak performance in your kitchen.