By Kyle Harrison

2020 - "Best in Test" Light Weight Cast Iron Frying Pan


This Ronneby Bruk cast iron skillet has won best in test based on heat properties, user friendliness and function in Expressens “My Kitchen” test. 


  • Material: Cast iron
  • Coating: Cast iron
  • Dishwasher: No
  • Works with induction: Yes

Read the full test here:


Ronneby Mill Light Cast Iron

      With this range of real cast iron frying pans, which are so light in weight that they can be used by everyone, Ronneby Bruk has revolutionized the classic cast iron pan.

      Ronneby Bruk's ultra light frying pan is made of exactly the same cast iron composition as traditional sand-cast cast-iron pan. The fact that they are so light and easy to handle is due to the fact that Ronneby Bruk has developed a foundry technology that allows for much thinner castings, without losing the fine roasting properties of cast iron.

      Because the pans are so thin, they also get heated very quickly, which saves time when cooking.  Even if you are not a kitchen professional, you will appreciate the features of this beautiful and functional cast iron pan.


      • Forged steel handle so it doesn't get hot when frying
      • Withstands oven temperature up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
      • Pre-seasoned with organic vegetable oil
      • Works on all types of heat sources from wood stove to induction stove