Ronneby Bruk

The "Golden Oak 2014" award, given to distinguished Swedish companies, introduced this year the new category "Made in Ronneby". The first winner in this new category was Ronneby Bruk, for its achievements in exporting  products that are "Made in Ronneby". "We are extremely honored to receive this prize,  it means a lot to all of our proud employees!"



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"What a wonderful pan, I use Ultra Light Original almost every day, a real top product, thanks"


"I tested the Ronneby Bruk Ultra Light Original pan and … you've won me! I had never thought I would be so impressed. I'm going to save up fore the whole collection :-)

MARIE-CLAIRE VAN DEN BERG, Journalist and Columnist in De TELEGRAAF

I have tested the thin lightweight cast iron wok: really super, fast to achieve the right temperature, good spreading of the heat, virtually not sticking and easy to clean!!!

FREDERIK KAMPHUIS, "The Toolman". The No 1 cookware expert in NL.

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