By Kyle Harrison

About Ronneby Bruk

A Legacy Brand 

Our roots go back to a small foundry in Småland, Örmo Bruk, founded in mid 1700. In 1888 it was moved to Kallinge and renamed Kockums, a company well known for its cookware.

Since the early decades of the twentieth century, our core mission has been the industrial art of cast iron cookware; where artistry, craftsmanship and technical discoveries go hand-in-hand.

Centuries of Experience

With maybe the widest range of cast iron cookware in the market, offering traditional pre-seasoned as well as our new sensational light-weight cast iron cookware, Ronneby Bruk has a product line for any kitchen. 

Our main range, MAESTRO cast iron, was originally designed by Professor Sigurd Persson, one of the most iconic names in the art of Swedish design.  (read more)

Since Ronneby Bruk was established over 200 years ago, countless pieces of cast iron cookware have found their way around the world and become treasured heirlooms which have been handed down through generations.

Ronneby Bruk AB 

A cast iron product from Ronneby Bruk is hand crafted.

Each item is cast in a unique sand mold. After the process of cooling, the mold is crushed and the sand is recycled to be used for the next mold. Every single item a unique original, none identical to another. 

After casting, (the first step on the road to a functional product) the cookware undergoes grinding, blasting, bottom machining, surface coating, and assembly. If a faulty item is discovered, it’s sorted out and melted down again to become a new product.

When choosing a RONNEBY BRUK product you can also be absolutely certain that no palm oils has been used in the seasoning process. We use only Swedish organic vegetable oil, which has been controlled and certified by the Swedish KRAV foundation to be produced under the best possible ways for environmental preservation. When using our cast iron cookware, you can also feel free from all worries regarding poisonous gas or other health harming side effects, that so many fear in today's artificial coatings.