Ronneby Bruk

"What a wonderful pan, I use Ultra Light Original almost every day, a real top product, thanks"

Julius Jaspers - TOPCHEF

I tested the Ultra Light Original pan and … you've won me! I had never thought I would be so impressed.

Marie-Claire Van Den Berg - De Telegraaf

I have tested the thin lightweight cast iron and it's really super. Fast to achieve the right temperature, good spreading of the heat, virtually not sticking and easy to clean!!! On an open gas flame I found no hotspots!

No.1 cookware expert in NL - Frederik Kamphuis

Potatoes are ready in no time at all! Do not stick to the bottom and get a nice crust. Love that these pans can be put in the oven.

Emile Bode

300 Years of Cast-Iron Tradition

Ronneby Bruk AB is the bearer of a several hundred years old tradition of foundries in the Ronneby region.


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